Softplan: from M&A due diligence to continuous improvement program

Softplan is one of the largest companies in Brazil in the development of management software. Currently, its solutions are present in all Brazilian states, in Latin American countries and in the United States, making a difference in people’s lives.

Since 1990, the company has been working to make public and private management in Brazil more transparent, efficient and agile by using modern and innovative technologies. Throughout these years, Softplan has specialized in the development and implementation of management software for the segments of Justice, Infrastructure and Construction, Public Management, Projects Co-financed by International Organizations and Construction Industry.

Avalia Systems provided software due diligence services for the company’s M&A activities and through this experience have become advisor’s to the CTO of Softplan’s UNIC product division:

“Once I saw the results of Avalia’s due diligence on an M&A deal I knew they could help me bring our software development team to the next level.” – Guilherme Brasil, CTO UNIC, Softplan